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New Mom Resources


View Health Line

This is a free service in which you can call a nurse directly if you have any medical concerns.  The nurse will ask you a series of questions then give you a recommendation.  The nurse can advise you on how to treat the problem yourself, to see your family physician, or if a visit to the emergency room is necessary.  If you have a medical emergency,
call 9-1-1 as Healthline does not deal with emergency situations.

Breastfeeding Centre
The Breastfeeding Centre is located in the Westwinds Primary Health Center at 3311 Fairlight Drive, Saskatoon. It is staffed by certified Lactation Consultants. For appointments or telephone inquiries phone (306) 655-4806.

Breastfeeding Café
Starting September 14, 2010, there will be a drop-in support group for breastfeeding women every Tuesday morning from 10:30 a.m. until noon at West Winds Primary Health Centre, 3311 Fairlight Drive. Sessions will be facilitated by a lactation consultant or associated health professional with a brief educational presentation (topics depend on needs of the group), and time for interaction with the other mothers.

La Leche League Saskatoon
View Group Information La Leche League is the only organization with the sole purpose of helping breastfeeding mothers.


Health & Home Postpartum Support Program
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The Healthy and Home Postpartum Support Program provides support to mothers once they leave the hospital.

Generally, you can expect to be discharged on your 1st or 2nd day postpartum or 3rd or 4th day post-cesarean birth.


Feeding Your Baby

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Learn when to start your child on solids, what solids to give, and try out some easy home made baby food recipes.


Natural Remedies

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This FAQ is about some easy ways to remedy common pregnancy complaints.


City Park Toy Library

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Toys Toys and More Toys to borrow in Saskatoon!
At present, there are over 150 toys in the City Park Toy Library. Over $1000 has been spent on brand new toys, many of which are cutting edge toys from the Giggle Factory. These toys are designed specifically for developing motor skills and imaginary play. The remaining toys have come from the generous donations of the City Park Preschool, friends and neighborhoods.

Your child will look forward to trying out new ones every two weeks.