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birth trauma in Canada

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Global News “16×9” is working on a story on birth trauma in Canada. It originated as they were investigating unnecessary c-sections and learnt about the walking 1 in 10 wounded who finish their birthing journey with PTSD.

The producer, Annie is doing some background information and would like to hear from anyone with a story to share. At this point it’s off-the-record and can remain anonymous if needed. She would like to hear from parents who experienced abuse, coercion, bullying, shaming, or other traumatising behaviours from providers in pregnancy, birth or postpartum.

Was your “consent” achieved through manipulation or threats?
Doulas, what have you witnessed?
Are some behaviours more common than others?
How are mothers treated when they have prior trauma, or make choices the providers might not have made. Doctors, nurses, midwives – can you provide an “insider’s” perspective?
Are mothers expecting too much? What’s happening in the trenches?
What happens when there’s a provider who routinely violates the consent of his/her patients?
Therapists and researchers – share your perspective.
What have you learnt about this pandemic of abuse and what are your thoughts on how to address it?

If you know any Canadian who is researching this issue, please share this with her. We’ve got a terrific opportunity to shine a light on this. When one in ten mothers ends up with PTSD, there’s nothing wrong with the mothers – it’s the culture of abuse that is out of control. You can contact Annie here: Annie Burns-Pieper Producer, 16×9 81 Barber Greene Rd. Toronto, Canada Phone: 416-446-5549 Cell: 647-802-8035 You can also Facebook message her.

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