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January Baby – Smittens



I am so glad this winter seems to be taking it’s time to get here. Compared to last winter I feel like any day without -30 temperatures is a bonus. Last winter I was at the breaking point in my mom days. 3 kids, a winter that wouldn’t end and my youngest refusing to make it any easier to go outside on nice days.

I still remember my breaking point. I was attempting to take all three kids with me to get my groceries. My grocery store of choice that day seemed extra busy and I had to park further away from the door than I had hoped. I was carrying my youngest, holding the hand of the middle while telling my oldest to stick right with me as we made our way from our car to the front doors of the store. I was tired, I was low on patience and like clock-work, my youngest started throwing a fit. As I try to figure out what’s causing the latest meltdown i notice we’ve lost a mitten. Again.

I see the mitten; half way back to the car in the middle of the parking lot. I debated if it worth it going back for the mitten? I was already tired and it felt like that mitten was my breaking point in the day.

Shortly after that, my friend, a mom of a spirited little boy found January Baby and Smittens.
Sometimes, it takes a mom to know what a mom goes through. Anna, a mom of 4, created mittens that little ones can’t get off. I am now happily praising Anna’s work more than a year later as my still spirited 2 year old is determined to test my patience. Smittens stay on her little hands allowing her (and me) to play outside without loosing a mitt and getting cold hands.

I have found they are not only great to wear on the really cold days, but great for the chilly fall and spring days and can easily be worn under a sweater.

I dare any little one to try and loose these mittens!!

Contact Information

Anna Redish
January Baby
phone:  416 769-6072


Why inspired you to start your business?

January Baby was started in 2005, but the story really begins in 2000. That was the year my second daughter Robyn turned two and refused to do anything she was asked, especially wear her mittens. I thought, ‘when her hands get cold she will put on her mitts’. Wrong! I had completely underestimated the power of will. The result: her hands would get cold and she would start to cry. That was the end of playing outside. Then, while her hands were warming up they would start to ache and she would cry harder.

I tried everything to convince her that her hands wouldn’t hurt if she would just wear her mitts. My reasoning fell on deaf ears. I needed mittens she couldn’t take off.
Using my experience in fabric and design, I came up with Smittens: the no-escape mittens. They worked, she couldn’t take them off.

Then I thought ‘Am I the only mom whose child refuses to wear their mittens?’ I started looking around. There were mittenless children everywhere. I knew what I needed to do.

Five years and two kids later, I started January Baby.

Why January Baby?

Guess when Robyn’s birthday is.

What makes your product unique/different?

They work! You will not have your child taking off and loosing their mittens. If you are an outside family or if your child has lost a mitten, smittens are for you.

If you could have one super-hero power, what would it be?

I have a super power!! I keep kids hands warm!

What companies or products inspire you?

I joined a local business group that is made up of other women business owners. They inspire and motivate me with my own business. Having a peer group that is also in business has helped me.

What is the most rewarding thing about running your own business?

Being there for my children. By not doing the ‘business ladder climb’, I am there to watch my kids at every school event, activity and game. My husband and I go to every school event for my kids. I am able to be here for my kids.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Bigger and Better! I would love to introduce a year round product line.

What tip would you give other moms starting or running their own business?

when i had my 3rd child, i dyed fabric for quilters. It became obvious was not a valid model to work. Then I came up with this product after my 4th child but wasn’t sure how to do it. My tip is work on your business when you can when they are little and grow your business as they grow. Also, find a group (meet up, etc) that can support you, provide information, help you work on your business. Having a peer group that is also in business has also helped me.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

January Baby is giving away a $55.00 gift card. Want to order online? They are also giving our readers a promo code for free shipping. Enter  SK13 for free shipping. Draw date Dec 1.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed belong to Saskatoon Moms and are NOT influenced in any way. Contest open to Canadian residents only.We were given a pair of smittens and neck warmer for review  however we already purchased and owned a pair of smittens before hand.

  1. Trish Roulston says:

    They look so cute and warm!

  2. Those would be great, my 3 year old is a genius at “losing” his mitts and gloves!

  3. This would help me stop losing my son’s mitts!

  4. To keep mittens on my 2 year old! :)

  5. Help my stubborn two yr old stay warm!

  6. These would be great! Mitts can be such a pain!

  7. We have lost 8 partners to 8 different pairs of mittens. Would love the challenge to see if we would lose these too!

  8. Stephanie Bishop says:

    I would love a pair of these. With an active toddler that loves to be outside they would be a saving grace.

  9. The you tube video of these looks amazing. This is a must have winter staple!!!’

  10. I wish these would have been around when my kids were younger. I guess my nieces will be the ones to benefit :)

  11. how cool. I will be telling all my friends about this neat product.

  12. How cute! Would be great for a busy 15 m/o :)

  13. Hi! I would love these mittens for my very active little boy!

  14. I would like the smittens for our daughter because she is at the age now where she can be more active outside and I don’t want her mitts to come off when playing in the snow.

  15. Ugh! I hate getting kids dressed in wintertime. Between carseats and shopping carts and everything else, we’re always losing mittens and boots.

  16. Laura Williams says:

    Fantastic idea! I always love products that just make life a little easier toting 2 kids around!

  17. Luxuries for me. Bath stuff, cool shoes, books, etc.,,

  18. What a great idea! My 2 year old refuses to leave her mitts on! Looks like problem solved.

  19. I would ask Santa if he could help me find all the items on my families Christmas lists.

  20. Crystal Beauregard says:

    We would love these!