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Mommy Funk


I have to start out by apologizing to all of you who follow Saskatoon Moms. It’s been a tad quiet here for a while as I struggle to find my mom groove.

The last while I have realized I am in a deep mommmy funk. My youngest is now old enough I should no longer look like I just had a baby, yet my stomach muscles didn’t get that memo. I feel like my children should all be old enough to be sleeping through the night but being out numbered 3 to 1 means someone is always crawling into my bed with a bad dream, a cough, or just because they are lonely.

I have hit a new stage of being a mom. I am no longer a mom to a newborn but yet my closet is still full of elastic pants and maternity shirts. Heck, I am wearing BOTH right now!

I feel like I need to find my groove. A balance between the mom I was and the mom I will be but it’s been hard for me to find. I have not shopped for clothing in a non-maternity store for almost 7 years. Yup 7. I feel like I am stepping out of my comforting world of babies and into toddler world and I am not sure of what I should do now?

While I have been struggling to find my grove, I have been quiet on here as I debate my next steps. Does saskatoon moms also grow up or cling to it’s roots? I am lucky that I have some amazing support of moms and business on here that are giving me time to decide my next steps.

How did you find your mom grove after babies? Any tips to help me get out of the funk and into a new stage of mommyhood?

  1. Wow, firstly congratulations on being brave enough to share such honest feelings with us all. I think all moms go through several transitional periods in their life. Firstly the adjustment to losing some of your individuality when you first become a mom and then again when you discover that the babies are no longer new born and taking up every second of your time. This is a great phase, take time and learn about the woman you have become in these past 7 years, embrace her, wobbly tum and all!! Knowing that you have the power to work on changes you feel are needed. But go forward knowing that whatever the future holds, you are stronger, more compassionate than ever since joining the ranks of motherhood :) good luck!

  2. I still haven’t found my Mommy groove. After baby #1 the groove seemed to come easily, after #2 not so much. My youngest is 2.5 now and I’m still trying to find the groove. Not much help but at least you’re not alone.